Welcome to HTFC Fans!

Information and resources for fans of Harlow Town FC. We are a fans group who are creating a brand new HTFC fans site. Join us as we continue our (slow) journey up the Ryman League!

We're here to have a laugh and not take ourselves too seriously. Our aim is to tell you everything you need to enjoy a perfect match day in Harlow. You can even join us for a drink or a bet pre-match if you like, we welcome all fans home and away, as long as you behave yourselves and treat our town with respect. Here's what you'll find on this site...

  • Maps & Travel Info - Helping you arrive on time and by the quickest and easiest routes. If there's a traffic jam or a train strike it isn't our fault though. We live locally and walk.
  • Local Pubs - A selection of our best locals, for those fans who like to enjoy a pint before and after the match. These are pubs we drink in ourselves and we can personally recommend each one. Other (worse) pubs are available, but we won't be in them.
  • Bookies - Locations of local bookmakers, for fans who like to get a few bets on before the match. We do bet ourselves, not always successfully. We bet online with free bet offers when possible. We don't do tips though, and believe me after my recent results you wouldn't want them :)
  • Ticket Information - Usually not needed, we rarely sell out!
  • Weather - Do you need to bring a raincoat or umbrella, or shorts and T-Shirt. Well since we like in Essex, the answer is probably all the above, but you can find out here.
  • Useful Links - To other HTFC, Essex amateur football & general football sites that you might enjoy.

We hope you will like the site and that all fans will find it useful.